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Get Lit: Use Lights At Night

Get Lit is a distribution program and postcard campaign to encourage cyclists to use lights.

Why use lights?

City of Chicago and State of Illinois laws both require that bicyclists use a white front light when riding at night.

Using a white front light at night when cycling will increase your visibility to people others on the road. The lack of a front white light at night may make it hard for you to defend yourself in a crash case.

Many cyclists are unaware of the laws and benefits of using lights. In my experience, a distribution campaign was the first time anyone had ever told them about using lights while cycling.

How can I help?

You can donate money so Get Lit can purchase lights to give to cyclists, alongside some good knowledge.

There are three ways to make a tax-deductible donation:

What are the Get Lit postcards?

Who's behind Get Lit?

This project was created by Steven Vance. I started the Get Lit campaign in 2011 to remind people to use lights at night. I see too many people in Chicago riding their bikes at night without lights.

It's sponsored by Grid Chicago and Lawyer Jim Freeman. The "Get Lit" image was designed by Francesco Villa.

Rachel Ariyavatkul created the "Things to know when riding your bike" and "Things to do after a collision" originally for Moving Design's Call To Action 2011, "An Intervention on Bicycle Safety."

Get Lit with a Planet Bike light

planet bike blaze 2 watt planet bike beamer 3 led

Planet Bike Spok light

Why Planet Bike? They give 25% of their profits to advocacy organizations.